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Wooden Ice Cream Stick

Horizon wooden cutlery- A Leading Disposable Wooden Ice Cream Stick Manufacturer

We are one of the best manufacturers of disposable wooden ice cream sticks globally. With the help of our experts, highly advanced and cutting-edge production facility, we produce high-quality one-use wooden popsicle sticks. You should not be concerned about the quality of our disposable wooden ice cream sticks as our international quality assurance team monitors their quality. This team comprises quality assurance experts from across the globe. Our practical and modern production facility ensures that we sell one of the best one-use wooden popsicle sticks to ice cream manufacturers in the world.

What Makes Us Our Disposable Wooden Ice Cream Sticks Durable And Smooth?

As a disposable wooden ice cream stick manufacturer, we use high-quality birchwood to manufacture woody ice cream sticks, ensuring that ice cream consumers do not get splinters. The smooth texture of the high-quality birchwood used by us in manufacturing disposable ice cream sticks makes woody ice cream sticks very consumer-friendly as ice cream consumers feel good in their mouth when they consume them. You must not be concerned with the durability of our high-quality disposable woody popsicle sticks as normally they do not break during their usage.

What Makes Sure That Our Disposable Woody Ice Cream Sticks Are Safe?

The high-quality birchwood we use in manufacturing our disposable woody popsicle sticks makes them safe for consumption as ice cream does not get trapped in that type of wood. In addition to that, we carry out all the necessary hygiene practices while manufacturing our disposable wooden ice cream sticks. These include ensuring that we track any possible source of contamination in our advanced manufacturing facility, giving hygiene training to our skilled workforce by asking them not to pick any item from the floor or any non-product contact surface. 

Environmentally-Friendly Disposable Wooden Ice Cream Sticks

We guarantee you that we will supply you with our high quality, one-use wooden ice cream sticks at low prices by getting them shipped to you through our shipping contractor. You must not be concerned about delays in receiving disposable woody popsicle sticks from us after ordering them as we strictly meet our deadlines as far as delivering orders is concerned. We produce all our disposable popsicle sticks in an environment-friendly manner by ensuring that our production methods do not pollute the environment, so you should not be discouraged from buying our disposable wooden ice cream sticks.