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Wooden Forks

Green Horizon (Dalian) Cutlery Co Ltd - Leading Wholesale Wooden Forks Supplier

Green Horizon (Dalian) Cutlery Co Ltd is a top-notch fruit fork manufacturer and supplier of wooden forks globally. With the help of our expert's highly advanced and cutting-edge manufacturing facility, we produce high-quality fruit forks and wooden forks as our international quality assurance team monitors their quality daily. This team comprises quality assurance experts across the globe. Our global quality assurance team also monitors the quality of our ingredients to manufacture our products. We can supply you with a range of wooden spoons and fruit forks at reasonable prices.

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As a wholesale wooden forks supplier, our supplied wooden spoons are made up of 100 percent untreated organic birchwood, which is ideal for manufacturing them as they are food-safe, waterproof, splinter-free, and taste-neutral. Therefore, we can assure our customers will enjoy eating food by using them. In addition, our customers can use them with both cold and hot dishes at family gatherings, picnics, and barbecues. You must not worry about the dangers of using our supplied wooden forks as they do not contain any additives, paintings, or chemicals that make them consumer-friendly.

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As a wholesale fruit fork manufacturer, we use birchwood to manufacture our products, making them durable and sturdy. Unlike plastic spoons, our manufactured fruit forks are very easily biodegradable as they get decomposed. Thus, our products are very environmentally friendly, and their users do not need to worry about the environment when using them. Our customers can safely use our fruit forks for all occasions such as parties weddings. They can also be used in bars, hotels, summer beach parties, and even at home for daily use.

Environment-Friendly High-Quality Fruit Forks and Wooden Forks

We guarantee you that we will supply you with our durable wooden forks and fruit forks at low prices by getting them shipped to you through our shipping contractor. You must not be concerned about facing delays in receiving our high-quality fruit forks and wooden forks from us as we strictly follow our deadlines as far as delivering orders is concerned. As a wholesale fruit fork manufacturer, we manufacture all our fruit forks by ensuring that our production methods do not pollute the environment. Therefore, you should not be discouraged from buying them.