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Wooden Cutlery

Go Eco-Friendly with The Best Sustainable Wooden Cutlery Distributor – Horizon

Green Horizon (Dalian) Cutlery Co., Ltd has stepped into the cutlery industry as the only wooden cutlery distributor with a vision that is to make this world a better place. Our wooden cutlery includes all the basic cutlery items like spoons, forks, and knives. We use wood and birch to manufacture the finest wooden cutlery in the world. We are the exclusive wholesale wooden cutlery supplier that has designed very convenient to use wooden cutlery. The shape and size of our wooden cutlery is of international standard. Despite being very lightweight, our wooden cutlery is very strong and won’t break apart that easily. The handle of the spoon or the spines of the fork won’t break off even if you apply pressure onto it grab onto your food. Perfect for use with all sorts of food and very flexible, unlike plastic cutlery that hips off even at the slightest of pressure applied. 

Biodegradable Wholesale Wooden Cutlery Supplier

We decided to become wholesale wooden cutlery supplier for a reason that is waste pollution. The world is landing tons and tons of waste each day. The condition would not have been this bad if only all of this waste could be recycled. Therefore, we have are the only wooden cutlery distributor that makes purely natural wooden cutlery. We do not coat it, bleach it, or dye it, 100% ecological wooden cutlery. It can be used with both hot and cold food of any kind. The precision of our wooden cutlery is second to none; it won’t cut your hands but will cut your food perfectly, with the optimum precision and sharpness. All of our wooden cutlery can be recycled and turned into the same new-looking wooden cutlery. 

Wholesale Rates and OEM Packing

The perks of choosing us do not end here; we are the only wholesale wooden cutlery supplier that offers OEM packing. You can do OEM with us at very cost-effective wholesale rates. For getting any printed on the packing, we offer hot stamping. You can either get your logo stamped or your company name. Our low minimum order quantity is very reasonable, only twenty cartons. Shipment of the order is also very easy with us; once you place your order with us, it will reach you in sound conditions within 15 days. We are the leading wholesaler of wooden cutlery items in the international market because we deliver only the best quality products that matter the most.