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Wooden Coffee Stirrer

Preeminent Wooden Coffee Stirrer Manufacturer – Horizon

Green Horizon (Dalian), the finest wooden coffee stirrer manufacturer, has made sustainable tableware items for the betterment of this world. Instead of using a coffee stirrer that is made of toxic material that is plastic, switch to using a wooden coffee stirrer for your benefit. The design of our coffee stirrer is quite convenient. We use birch and wood to manufacture our premium wooden coffee stirrer. Through the use of these materials, this coffee stirrer has such exceptional qualities. This coffee stirrer will let you stir your coffee without affecting its taste, spoiling it, or infecting it. It is a very hygienic coffee stirrer all because of its raw material. 

Benefits Of Using Our Wooden Coffee Stirrer

What makes us the best wooden coffee stirrer manufacturer is our coffee stirrer's qualities in itself. As it is heat-resistant, it will be much easier for you to use compared to coffee stirrers of other materials. It doesn’t add up to the world's population as it is biodegradable and can easily be recycled. The material of this coffee stirrer is wood, which makes it anti-bacterial; therefore, it won’t build up any bacterial growth on itself even for a long time. Although the design and entire structure are very sleek, it is very strong and won’t break very easily. It won’t contaminate your coffee as it is very hygiene in itself. The color that it has is all its natural color; therefore, you don’t have to worry about any dyes getting into your coffee—all in all, the best coffee stirrer to have.

OEM Facility and Easy Shipment

We are probably the only wooden coffee stirrer manufacturer that offers OEM facilities to anyone in the world. You can get your coffee stirrer hot stamped with your logo or company’s name in the finest quality. We also offer customization options for our customers, so ask away if you have any customization requests. The quality, standard, design, and everything about our coffee stirrer are certified by FSC, BSCI, and BRC. Once you place your order with us, it will reach you within 15 days. We also provide the lowest minimum order quantity to our customers, as low as 20 cartons. Cut down on your waste by switching to our wooden coffee stirrer.