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Ten Reasons To Cook With A Wooden Spoon

When we think about choosing a kitchen product, we come across three types of products. These are either made up of wood, plastic, or sometimes metals that could be helpful in cooking. All these materials are famous for having various advantages and disadvantages, but among all these options and based upon the features and the characteristics that it exhibits, we see the use of wooden cooking spoons as a great option that could be considered. This is the reason that most of the top professional chefs in the world use wooden spoons. This is because of the incredible benefits that are associated with these wooden spoons. In order to know why most people prefer wooden spoons for cooking, we would need to have a look at the benefits that are associated with it.

They are gentle spoons; they do not cause a scratch

Spoons that are made apart from the wood, especially the ones that are made up of metal are not considered to be a very great option because of the fact that they are quite hard over the pots and pans and can often cause scratches. Metal spoons leave behind a rough base for pans and pots that cause trouble while cooking as the Food starts to stick to the base of the pan. It is highly harmful, especially for the non-stick pans, as it can cause scratches in the base, which makes the food stick to the bottom. This ruins the Food and creates difficulty in cleaning the pans and pots later on. However, when it comes to the wooden spoons are soft in nature; thus, they won’t cause scratches over the surface and can ensure a long life for the pa and pot.

Wooden Spoons are Comparatively stronger 

While mixing the food items in the kitchen one needs a good stir or a flip in order to allow the contents to get to be exactly how we want them to be and in order to get balanced. This is especially in the case when sauces are involved. For this purpose, the use of wooden spoons is considered an ideal solution because of the fact that they are gentle in nature but quite durable; thus they provide an excellent and a firm grip to hold, making the process of stirring a lot easier and effective without the fear of the handle breaking, etc. One can easily scrap the sides of the pan, too, without worrying about the scratches.

Wooden Spoons do not Conduct Heat

While cooking the Food on high flame, we often get to see that it is difficult to use a metal spoon because f the fact that they are a good conductor of heat and can be harmful to the users, whereas a plastic spoon would start to melt, leaving behind harmful chemicals and toxins. Among them, a wooden spoon is considered to be an excellent option because of the fact that wood is a poor conductor of heat and would not heat up while cooking.

Wooden Spoon does not react with the Food

Since the wooden spoons are the spoons that are made up of a natural ingredient that is called wood, thus it does not react with substances like acids, producing a bad taste in the Food, unlike the plastics that easily melt over high flames and the metal =s that might react with the acids producing different chemicals and toxins.

Wooden Spoons do not change the cooking temperatures

There is a certain type of spoons that absorb a lot of heat energy. As a result, we get to see a change in the temperature of the Food that is being cooked. This can become a real problem, especially when you are cooking something that requires precise temperature. It does not only ruin the consistency, but it also ruins the taste of the Food as well. However, wooden spoons do not cause such changes.

Wooden Spoons do not leach harmful chemicals

This is because of the fact that the bacteria and germs usually do not accumulate over wooden spoons as much as they do over metal or plastic.

Wooden spoons feel great to handle

The strong, sturdy, and smooth grip feels good handling a wooden spoon. 

Wooden spoons are beautiful

Wooden spoons are considered to be quite aesthetic in terms of looks.

Environmentally friendly

Unlike metals and plastics, wooden spoons are considered to be a great option because of the fact that they are made up of a naturally renewable source. They do not possess any threat to the environment.

Wooden Spoons often retain flavors

When used a lot for the same task and to make the same recipe, wooden spoons retain the taste of the Food, acting as a secret to the top recipes. 


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