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No more oceans laced with waste!

Our environment is based upon both living and non-living things. Living things include humans, animals, plants, and other microorganisms, whereas air, water, soil, sunlight, etc are the forms of the non-living components of the environment. But both living and non-living components are closely related to each other. It would not be wrong to say that both living and non-living components of the environment are dependent on each other. This is what the ecosystem is based upon. It is more like a chain of interconnection and dependency, the failure of even a single part of the system can lead to severe damages to the entire ecosystem since they are all connected.

Sources of Pollution 

We get to hear very often that how industries and factories are playing a major role in polluting our environment, through various ways, sometimes by the release of chemicals in the water bodies and sometimes by the release of smoke in the air. They may seem like very minor issues but in the long run, they are badly impacting our environment. Not to forget the fact that being a part of this environment we are vulnerable to all the diseases and harmful effects that these pollutants could cause.

We often do not realize that it is not only the industries and factories that are being a threat to the environment but looking at a broader picture, somehow, we all are responsible for contributing to it. On even a small level we all are playing our part. Though people are realizing the importance of conserving the environment and are taking measures to control the threat. 

Plastic A Major Threat

Above all other threats to the environment, the main threat to the environment is the use of plastics. Plastic pollution is the accumulation of plastic objects and particles in the environment which could be in the form of bags, plastic containers, and microbeads, and even everyday products that we use, like as small as plastic spoons and forks. They are a threat, not only to the wildlife, nature, and wildlife habitats but also to mankind.

Our Past We Cannot Erase Our future Needs Less Waste

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One of the attempts to eliminate the threat to the environment is the use of biodegradable products. Biodegradable plastics are made up of substances from a natural source, that can be decomposed by the action of living organisms, usually microbes, into the water, carbon dioxide, and biomass. The main advantage of using the biodegradable product is a significant reduction in carbon emissions during the manufacturing process.

A biodegradable wooden product apparently seems like a minor attempt to conserve and protect the environment but in the long run and looking at it from a wider perspective, this small change could create a major difference at a bigger level