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10 Things You Should Know Before Choosing Wooden Spoons for Your Kitchen: Tips & Tricks

Kitchen utensils are the most essential thing in every kitchen, and thus not much attention is paid to investing in them. However, like any other thing in your kitchen, kitchen utensils also have to be of the right type and material. Since you never try alternative options, you never get o know what utensils that are different from yours can do. You will be in awe to see how they solve the problems you always thought weren’t solvable.

The most used utensil item in a kitchen is a spoon; we all need to stir curry, make scrambled eggs, and basically cook an extensive range of foods with the help of a spoon. We even eat food with the help of a spoon then how is it that we don’t pay attention to what we use so often. Don’t worry! If you never thought of searching on the internet “what is the best spoon to use?” your life isn’t doomed forever. Today is your lucky day as you landed the right article that will help you understand your spoons better.


You might question why wooden spoons? Why not plastic or metal spoons? Here is why:

 Ability to Tolerate Heat:

All of us have had at least one such incident in our lives when we have left the plastic spoon on the pan, and it has melted onto it and made one hell of a disaster, after which our mother banned us from entering the kitchen for a week. If not the same, then at least we know you must have melted a plastic spoon once in your life; we all have. That’s the drawback of using plastic spoons, but even metal spoons are not good because they conduct heat. When you leave a metal spoon in a pot for too long, it becomes so hot that you almost burn your hand with it. An affordable biodegradable wooden spoon has no such problems associated with them neither do they melt nor do they conduct heat; therefore, they are the best spoons to have in your kitchen.

Ability to Scrape:

The thing you should know before choosing a wooden spoon is that they have superior scraping as compared to plastic or metal spoons. They make it much easier to scrape every bit of flavor from the bottom of the pot or pan. With the plastic or metal spoon, some bits of food are always left on the corners of the pot or pan and go into waste, but the shape of the wooden spoons makes it easier to reach every corner of the pot or pan and scrape all of the food off of it. 

Naturally Insulated:

Wood is a naturally insulating material, and therefore it does not conduct heat at all. This quality of the wood makes wooden spoons good to be used for sugary foods. Why is that so? Because the metal spoons react to sudden temperatures changes. As a result, they cause crystallization, whereas the wooden spoon remains unaffected by sudden temperature changes hence no crystallization. 

Kinds of Wooden Spoons:

A wooden spoon comes in a variety of shapes, and all are made specially to suit different purposes and offer different abilities. The basic wooden spoon is a flat spoon with a minimalistic handle, found in almost all kitchens. It is good for mixing or stirring things are its shape is designed like that. You have to mix your cake batter or stir your curry; all such works can be done with a basic wooden spoon. Then there is a slated spoon and slated wooden spatula. The spoon is good to use when to suppose you have to pick your veggies or chicken from your curry pot; however, when you have to scrape the food off of your pot, then the spatula will help. Although both can help stir and mix and flip and more of the same things. 

Require Maintenance:

You must know that your wooden spoons require maintenance to remain as new as the day you bought them. Once you wash them, then let them dry for some good time, don’t throw them in the drawer after they have dried; instead, oil them and then put them in the drawer. Oiling your wooden spoons will keep your spoons good forever, and they will look brand new always. 

Proper Washing is Needed:

We all have a habit of leaving dirty spoons in the sink for too long. It gives way to the bacteria to grow onto your spoons, and as a result, your spoons can spoil your food and even cause you health problems. Therefore, once you have used your wooden spoon, wash it instantly and keep it aside to dry. 

Sanitize Your Wooden Spoons:

If you wash your wooden spoon in the dishwasher, then you don’t have to sanitize them as the dishwasher does it already. However, if you don’t have a dishwasher, you will need hydrogen peroxide; put hydron peroxide on the spoons and let them sit for 15 minutes, then wash them, and they are sanitized. 

Size Matters:

A wooden spoon can be found in a number of different sizes; in fact, all of the wooden cutlery can be found in a lot of different sizes. Therefore, if you are deciding to switch to wooden cutlery, then you must know that getting the right size of spoons and forks and almost the entire cutlery is very important. Any wholesale wooden forks supplier or bulk wooden cutlery distributor like Horizon Cutlery can assist you better in getting a size that will go with your pots, pans, and plates. 

Don’t Scratch Your Pots:

Wooden spoons can perfectly scrape off every bit of food from the pot or pan without putting a single scratch on it. This is an exceptional quality of wooden spoons, making them better than metal and plastic spoons. 

Environmentally Friendly:

No other material is as environmentally friendly as wood as it can be recycled very easily and is also decomposable. Therefore, they add up the wooden spoons that you get do not add up to global waste.